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Life and mind set Coach

Dr Rubina


I am Dr Rubina. I am a Life and mindset Coach. I help people transform their lives with right mindset.

I realized that life happens much quickly and beautifully to the healed souls so I learnt healing modalities and I am a certified healer too.

How May I Help You?

We have an arena of one to one services and Group coaching services in the following domains:

Manifestation Ginie

Manifestation coaching focuses on helping individuals align their thoughts, beliefs, and actions to manifest their desired outcomes and goals. A manifestation coach assists clients in clarifying their intentions, identifying limiting beliefs, and developing strategies to manifest their desires effectively. They may use various techniques such as visualization, affirmations, goal setting, and mindset shifting to support clients in achieving their aspirations.

Holistic Healing

Healing coaching is aimed at supporting individuals in their emotional, mental, and spiritual healing journeys. A healing coach provides guidance and tools to help clients address and release emotional wounds, traumas, negative patterns, and limiting beliefs. They may utilize techniques such as inner child work, energy healing, meditation, breathwork, and emotional release practices to facilitate healing and promote personal growth.

Life Coach Certification

If you're interested in becoming a certified coach yourself, you can pursue coach certification programs. These programs provide comprehensive training, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to become a professional coach. They typically cover coaching methodologies, communication techniques, ethical guidelines, client-relationship building, and business development aspects. Coach certification programs vary in duration, curriculum, and accreditation, so it's important to research and select a reputable program that aligns with your coaching goals.

Story time: Maya’s Journey: Embracing the Power of Self-Love

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled between lush green hills, there lived a young woman named Maya. Maya was kind-hearted and always ready to lend a helping hand to others, but she often neglected to care for herself. She would spend her days attending to the needs of her family and friends, putting their happiness before her own.

One sunny day, while taking a stroll through the village, Maya came across an old bookstore. Intrigued by the colorful display of books in the window, she decided to step inside. As she perused the shelves, a book caught her eye – it was titled “The Journey to Self-Love.” Maya felt a deep longing within her to discover what self-love truly meant.

With anticipation, Maya opened the book and began to read. Page after page, she soaked in the wisdom and stories that spoke of the importance of self-care, self-acceptance, and self-worth. She realized that she had been neglecting herself, putting her own needs on the backburner for far too long.

Motivated by what she had learned, Maya embarked on a journey of self-love. She started by setting aside time each day to do things that brought her joy and nourished her soul. She practiced self-care rituals, such as taking long walks in nature, indulging in bubble baths, and savoring moments of solitude.

Maya also learned to listen to her inner voice and honor her own boundaries. She discovered that it was okay to say “no” when she needed to prioritize her well-being and make choices that aligned with her values.

As Maya grew in self-love, she noticed a remarkable transformation within herself. Her once weary eyes sparkled with newfound confidence and self-assurance. She embraced her uniqueness and realized that her worth didn’t depend on external validation or the opinions of others.

With her cup of self-love overflowing, Maya became a beacon of inspiration for others in the village. She started organizing workshops and gatherings where she shared her journey and encouraged others to embark on their own path of self-love.

One by one, villagers began to embrace self-love, realizing that caring for themselves was not selfish but essential for their overall well-being. The village became a vibrant community filled with individuals who radiated self-acceptance, compassion, and love.


And so, Maya’s journey to self-love not only transformed her life but also had a ripple effect that touched the lives of many. From that day forward, Maya continued to nurture her own self-love, spreading its magic far and wide, reminding everyone that the most beautiful love story begins within oneself.

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